PHOTOS FROM "An Evening With The Crimson River Quartet", AND OTHER CONCERTS.

CRQ Live!Live in Pasadena!

CRQ with James Blackwood CRQ & James Blackwood

Live in Encino  Saturday in Encino

Tom at work Tom at Work

Hitting a low one Rick nailing a low one

Singing at the 1997 GWQC in Fresno GWQC Sing

At the Pastors Conference in Visalia

Halloween at Bethel Grace Baptist Halloween '96

Eric Set-up  Eric setting up products

Why Tom doesn't sing lead anymore  Tom Singing

Crazed Postal Worker (actually Mernie at 6:30 am)  Mernie morning

Eric & AshleyEric and Greg's daughter Ashley playing computer games on the bus

Someone left the communion juice out waaay too long...  Mernie & Tom

The mixdown - not for the faint of heart 


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